Asian Travel Tips

Ancient Civilization of Asia

Asia is a continent with full of intrigue, adventure, peace and intense spirituality that makes it best place to visit for your holiday. The continent has produced many heroes to global history. In the modern world, Most of the significant achievements had their infancy in Asia. The ambitious civilization has given rise to some of the world’s most revolutionary ideas and important technology. Asia is full of great places like Wall of China, marvels in Myanmar, temples in Angkor. Everything is so unique in their own nature. Tourist love to visit Asia gain in their lifetime.

It is a land where tigers roar and roam free nature continues to be the driving force in many peoples’ lives. Every type of climate you can see here. Asian landscapes hold a vibrancy that is highly captivating and enchanting. From sublime coastlines to snow-capped mountains all seems magnificently beautiful and it is worth to lose in the majestic Mekong River to wildlife infested jungle.

Food to Enjoy In Asia

You will not find a place like Asia if you are a food lover. Across Asia, you will find Variety in food. In north India, you will find many spicy dishes. Red hot curries, a bowl of soup, and Thailand’s plates of pat pai noodles will amaze your mind. Food of Asia is loved by people around the world. Food is not very expensive and if you are spending a lot of your money on food that means something is going really wrong.

When you travel to Southeast Asia, you will love to have street food. These foods will not cost you more. This is the best thing you can enjoy in Asia. In Thailand, there is a specific market for the street food which is organized in line. Even if you prefer to go to a local restaurant then also your cost will not increase. Asia’s street food is the best thing you will experience in everywhere you visit. That is the tastiest cuisine in the world. You get cheap and tasty food every roadside.

Accommodation and transportation

In Asia, you will see that the accommodation is very cheap. You can get great hotel or villa at a very less price. This is the beauty of this continent that you can save you lots of money. The mode of transportation is many. You just need to research a bit about it. You will not find it much difficult. Asia’s transportation is very convenient and easy.

The best way to travel in Asia is by local conveyance like a bus. No matter how far you want to go, the bus will take you everywhere in the city. While travelling keep journal of your every expense, this way will help you to manage your fund easily.

Travel Holidays in Asia

Plan your Holiday in Asia for Incredible Travelling Experiences

Are you planning a holiday in Asia? You have made a great choice. Asia is the best and wonderful holiday destination with your friends and family. The diversity in cultures makes it very attractive and wonderful. There are so many things to discover and experience in Asia and that too in best price. You can easily afford your Asia trip with your family. Choosing a specific destination in Asia may be hard for you because there are so many options available. You can enjoy many places there. You will love to visit Bali, Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, Philippines etc. There is a never-ending list for you to enjoy your holiday.

Malaysia’s friendly culture

Asia is full of a mix in various culture and everyone live and work together harmoniously. This is really a great feeling. Malaysia country is a combination of British, Chinese, Malay and Indian.

Experience beauty of Taiwan

There is nothing like the cleanliness of Taiwan. It is safe and very easy to get around. Taiwan has beautiful gardens and parks. It will be fun with your family members in Taiwan.

Family Friendly destination-Hong Kong

Hong Kong has got everything like Towering skyscrapers, theme parks, a sparkling harbour, fine dining, shopping, and Michelin-star-rated street food. You will love to walk in the colourful streets. And the transportation is very easy and simple to navigate. There are theme parks which your young children love to visit. Hong Kong is a Disneyland and there is so much to enjoy with your family.

Cuisines of Asia

Every region has its own speciality in the food and cuisine. A variety of cultures have different food habit. The style and way of preparation are very appealing.

Basmati rice is a famous brand of rice in Asia. In most of the portion, people love to have rice in their meal. Rice is a very common meal in most of the Asian region cuisine. You will find variety in rice around every corner.

The main course of East Asians is Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Mongolian, and Taiwanese food. This is the area with the most population and enjoys a variety of food. While visiting Asia, you will love to see different temples. Southeast Asia’s myriad temple complexes are some of the region’s best-known attractions. There is no other place on the planet which contains temples like Asia.

Asia is a great place to visit in any season. You may plan your visit according to the flexibility of your time. Temples are the beauty of Asia and that should not be missed. Every religion has their own specialty. The way they worship their god differ from one place to other. This is where spirituality begins. A way of living defines the true value of these temples.

Bali Bali

The Memorable trip to Bali- An Asian Island

Bali is one of the islands of Indonesia and is the most attractive tourist destinations in the world. It is the place where once you tour and visit, you won’t be a desire to return or leave this beautiful island.

Bali has green vines and blooming flowers which make it smell like heaven. The volcanoes are a beauty to see and Hindu vibes make it a top place among tourists.

Bali is situated between the java, Sumatra and Lombok islands.


Because of the volcanic beauty and natural sources of irrigation of soil from mountains, Bali has a very unique soil fertility. The people of Bali cultivate rice. There is terrace farming which is rich in rice paddies.

It has coffee plantations too. There are some areas near Bali which are arid in nature and thus are less cultivated. Volcano Agung, Nusa, Penida island and Bukit peninsula are some of these areas.


In Bali, a tropical type of climate prevails and the best time to go to Bali is from May to August. It is this time of year which attracts a maximum of tourists.


1. South Bali Beaches: it is the main reason because of which tourist come to Bali. It is rich in sand and famous for surfing. Kuta is a party place which has a number of nightclubs to enjoy.

2. Ubud: it is one of the famous spots which serves as a cultural hub. It has monkeys and Hindu temples which adds beauty to this place. On this beach, you can also see one of the traditional Balinese dance performance and a must visit Goa Gajah( elephant cave).

3. Kintamani Region: A place away from the beaches where you can buy handmade goods and know about the traditional life of Bali. Mount Batur and Pura Pencak Penulisan- one of the oldest Hindu temple are located in this region.

Bali has a factory known as BAMBOO CHOCOLATE FACTORY, which is one of the world’s largest commercial building and is also open for tourists. It offers a variety of chocolate products.

Indonesia is not only famous for its white sand beaches but one of the black sand beaches is a must to watch and what about tasting world’s most expensive coffee which is made from civet droppings- KUPI LOVET.

You can offer a price up to as high as 50 dollars a cup.

Bali is an island whose economy totally depends on tourism and tourist are the ones who have made Bali what it is today. So for an adventure to volcanic islands and to see the beauty of Hindu temples- a visit to Bali is a must.